Reflection from the desk of Fr. Terry

Jesus Says. If you want to follow me, follow without reservation. Jesus wants our total commitment. He wants sacrifice. When Jesus calls us, each of us may rationalize that we are too young to serious about Christ. We may say: " I must take care first my Career, my job, my family and my dreams. When I will become old and have nothing worthwhile to do, then I will follow and serve Christ." It does happen that we spend the best year of our life serving our own ambitions and only later, when we are cranky and feeble that we want to be of service to the Lord. It does also happen that we never have the chance again to seize the opportunity of following Christ. There are many good and important reasons that may prevent us from focusing our attention to the will of God. So, my dear friends Where there is sacrifice, there is love, Where there is love, the Lord is always there.

Mass Change at St. Dominic
In consultation with Bishop Boissonneau, I am cancelling 8am Mass on Mondays effective July 8. This change will take place so that I am able to take a day off during the week. Likewise, our neighbouring parish St Mary’s Star of the Sea does not celebrate Mass on Tuesdays. On Mondays you are welcome to attend Mass at St Mary’s star of the Sea at 9am, located at Lakeshore, Peter street south.
Fr. Terry Dias, Pastor.