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UTM Catholic Chaplaincy

 Announcement from the UTM Catholic Chaplaincy

This new academic year, Fr. Tim Hanley (Chaplain) and Lisa Caballero (Campus Minister) welcome a new member to their staff team: Sunardi Putra. Sunardi is a campus missionary with Re:Generation, an organization of young Catholic missionaries formed by the Office of Catholic Youth of the Archdiocese of Toronto. He completed one year as a campus missionary with the Oshawa Catholic Chaplaincy and has recently been assigned to UTM. His presence is greatly appreciated as the Chaplaincy team seeks new ways to minister to and build community for the many students who now find themselves more isolated than ever.

With the restrictions in place due to the pandemic many universities are opting for remote learning. Within your parish, you may have some post-secondary students who under normal circumstances would have moved away for the school year. During these challenging times, students may be looking for support and may be interested in connecting with a campus chaplaincy that is more local to them. They are more than welcome to join the UTM Catholic Chaplaincy, and we ask that you kindly pass along our invitation. We have planned a hybrid of in-person and online events, all of which are open to university students regardless of the institution in which they are currently enrolled.

If they wish to connect with us, they can email us at or visit our website at