We see many people choose to walk in darkness. There are many who do not want to know the truth. They would rather stay in the dark. Those who have been called by Christ to be his disciples, all of us, have to have the courage to bring the light of His Truth to those who choose darkness. There are many people who are thrown into darkness. Due to no fault of their own, they are put into horrible situations. There are many children who have been shuffled from home to home in the foster systems and then forced to make their way alone in the world when they turn 18. There are many elderly people who are left with hardly any income to support themselves. Sometimes people will say to me, and I’m sure, to you, “There is no way out for me.” Well there is something we can do. We can love them. We can help whenever possible. We can let them know that they are not alone in the world. We can pray with them. We can pray for them.

The world is beautiful for those who are in the light. The world is horrible for those who are in darkness. We are in the light. We need to bring this light to others. Like Simon Peter, Andrew James and John we need to be fishers of men. Let us use our own unique talents to bring others to Christ. Our central prayer, the fundamental prayer of the Church is the Mass. We come together each week, and for some every day, to receive the grace, the strength. We need to complete the mission we have been given to engage others and lead them to join us in the journey of the kingdom of God.



Today is the beginning of the public life of Jesus. As you remember Christmas is over, the child is grown up, the child becomes a man and the man is baptized in the waters by John the Baptist, a sign of his oneness with all of humanity, that he is indeed the Messiah but he is true God and true man. We see John the Baptist testifying that Jesus indeed is the son of God and the son of man. He says, “Behold the lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.” He is telling his disciples that this is the sacrificial lamb. This is the Messiah who does not come with great armies. This is the Messiah who comes to us as a sacrificial lamb and as John says who offers his whole life that sins might be forgiven. For sin is a failure to care and a failure to love. It is not something that you just say “Well I broke the sixth commandment or the fifth, tenth commandment,” because when you sin you break a heart not only the heart of Jesus but the heart of the person that you have sinned against. And this is why it is such an important word. For when Jesus enters the waters, becomes one with us, walks with us through life feeling the things we feel, hoping the things we hope, every bit a human being. When he does this, he is coming so that he might take away all sin. And it is in the loving of Jesus that we are forgiven, because he never held it against us, he never went away and hid and waited for an apology. Remember that when we sin against each other, it’s not a breaking of a rule, a regulation, a law although it is that – It is the breaking of another person’s heart. And then we will realize that Jesus came only to love. He Himself has said, “I have not come to judge. I have come to teach you how to love”. 



A story is told about an old grandfather who walked into a flower shop in order to buy a beautiful corsage. “I want to buy a beautiful corsage” he said, “not a big one, but just about the prettiest one you can make.” He smiled, “It’s for my granddaughter and she’s having her first date tomorrow.” The owner was so amused and interested. “How old is your granddaughter?” the owner asked the old man. “More than two weeks”, replied the excited grandfather. The owner was surprised, “Did you say a date…a corsage…two weeks old?” asked the owner. “Precisely yes!” said the old man. “And I want a corsage that’s exactly right. She’ll never have a more important date than she has tomorrow because it’s her first date with God. My little granddaughter is getting baptized tomorrow.” Well, my dear friends today we are celebrating the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord in Jordan River by St. John the Baptist. He is baptized not because he is a sinner but because He wants to be in solidarity with us especially in our journey towards the kingdom of God. That He is with us and is one of us. As we celebrate the feast of the Lord’s Baptism it reminds us of our own Baptism. That when we are baptized, there should be a change of heart and we become Christians. When we are baptized, we chose Christ above all people and things. We believe in the Holy Trinity and we have a vocation to be like Christ and to act like Christ.