Open air Thanksgiving Mass October 6, 2019, a week before thanksgiving weekend, we are planning St. Dominic’s parish community Thanksgiving Mass. More information will be updated in the course of time.


Reflection from the desk of the Pastor

In today’s gospel somebody in the crowd asked Jesus this question: “Lord, will only a few people be saved?” Jesus did not give the number of those who will be saved. He even did not really answer the man’s question, but he just said: “Strive to enter through the narrow gate…”. In other words, he is answering a more important question, “How can I be saved?”. He is also giving us a chance to each one of us to avail of the salvation. Anyway, God is in charge of final judgement, why do we try to decide who will be saved? We as disciples of Jesus, must not be judgmental about who we think will go through the narrow gate. Our vision of God, we must see with a wide-angle lens that God’s salvation is open to all. God’s salvation is unbounded, and it reaches out to those whom we may not only distrust but also sometimes even despise.

 Feast of St. Dominic: A Great Success

Once again, I extend my sincere thanks to all our parishioners for your generous support in making the feast of St. Dominic a grand success. It was indeed a historical moment for St. Dominic parish community to have the beautiful statue of St. Dominic blessed and installed. Thanks for coming in big numbers and displaying the great sense of communitarian spirit.


                                   DREAM COME TRUE

St. Dominic’s Parish Community started in 1955.
Ever since its inception of our Church has been on a journey of love and unwavering belief, that this church would one day, have a statue of our patron saint, to whom this church is dedicated to. This is a dream come true. Now, I would say by God’ grace and the goodwill and through the generosity of our parishioners, finally we are blessed with the Statue of St. Dominic. We were fortunate to celebrate this year August 8th  and 11th the feast of St. Dominic, with solemnity and honour to our patron saint. This is indeed a historical moment for all of us.

St. Dominic was the founder of the Dominican Order.  He was born in Castile, Spain in 1170.   The irony is that St. Dominic’s Statue was carved in Spain and shipped to our parish in Mississauga.   Our St. Dominic statue is 3 dimensional and is made from wood paste, and then covered in plaster, following the same handcraft process used since 1880 in Spain. 
St. Dominic statue has crystal eyes, and is decorated with oil paint and his halo is made of gold leaf. 

On this Auspicious Occasion I take this opportunity to remember and acknowledge the hard work of Dominican priests who broke ground and ministered this parish.

Later it was handed to the Archdiocese, and Diocesan priests took over. Thanks to all the former pastors, associate pastors and faithful those who have gone before us to their heavenly abode. Thanks also to our present congregation who are deeply involved in all the activities of the church and those and those too who have moved to other parishes, I salute you, you are remembered and prayed for.

With the arrival of St. Dominic Statue, may God’s blessings have come down upon us through the intercession of St. Dominic. Let’s move forward with positive thoughts and deeds. Let us build up our community. Let us grow in faith, unity and charity.

Dear Parishioners, Happy Feast on this auspicious occasion. This is your spiritual home, all are welcome.

Fr. Terry Dias

The Universal Church Will Celebrate with Great joy the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary this Thursday, August 15th. In our parish We will have Rosary at 6.30pm, Followed by Solemn Mass at 7pm, and ending with a coffee hour in the Parish hall. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Please bring some cookies.


Reflection from the desk of the Pastor

The parable in today’s Gospel focuses on the unpredictable return of Jesus and our need to be prepared for his return. He is saying to us, “Ready or not, here I am.” Normally when we think of being ready, we usually think of being prepared for the worst could happen: locks on the door in the case of thieves, life jackets in the event of a boat, plane accident.
The returning of Jesus is a certainty. We can never know precisely when He will return or when we will die, but his return is certain. We must constantly watch being always faithful and ready so that we may be found worthy to share in the heavenly banquet He has prepared for us. So that question of the parable is not whether or not Christ is coming again or when he is coming, or even how he is coming. The point is about being prepared for his coming and ready to receive Him whenever He comes, now or later.