Reflection from the desk of Fr. Terry

On this Easter Sunday, we should be thankful that through Christ's resurrection, it gives us the needed hope to courageously face life's challenge in spite of everything. That without the resurrection our suffering would be meaningless, our belief in God would be fruitless and death would be in vain. The resurrection gives us unfailing hope in God's testament of love: We pass over from bondage of Satan to the freedom of Christ. We pass over from an insecure world to the certainty of the kingdom of God. We pass from mortal lives to the abiding presence of God.
We are alive, Let's be thankful for this.

Wishing you all a joyous Easter


Reflection from the desk of Fr. Terry

Today we celebrate and dramatize the beginning of Holy Week called the triumphant Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem, popularly known as the Palm Sunday. The Holy week invites us to reflect on the question Where do you stand in the story of the passion of the Christ? Which character are you in this Story? We all choose our sides in Jesus' Story, not just cheering like spectators at the football or a concert, not just by imagining ourselves in some virtual world of a novel, film or computer game. No, we choose our side in Jesus's Story by the choices we make in real life. Jesus' Passion is painted in our passions: vengefulness, envy, indifference, fear, compassion, love. These passions are ours, and how we respond, what we do, the habits of life we get into, say who we are and make us what we say, they either tell part of the Great Story Ever Told - the story of the word made Flesh, of love made man, of Flesh tortured and love refused, of Flesh transfigured and Love renewed.


Reflection from the desk of Fr. Terry

In today's gospel, the Pharisees and the Scribes brought to Jesus an adulterous woman for Him to judge. But Jesus did not bite their trap. Instead He said to them: "Let any one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her," The attitude of Jesus that He did not condemn the woman does not mean that He condones the sins but He wanted to help the woman change her life. Also, for us to reflect that we have no right to judge and condemn others for two reasons: we are sinful and we cannot possibly see what is in the heart of the person we condemn. Jesus forgives the adulterous woman not because  her sin is harmless but because he loves even sinners like her. He gives her and us another life and chance to change for the better. A chance to redeem ourselves of our dignity as a child of God.