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India Covid-19 Relief Fund Drive

India is reeling from a devastating COVID-19 outbreak. In recent days, the country has been reporting more than 400,000 of new cases and 4,000 deaths every 24 hours. International observers expect that the actual numbers are significantly higher. The medical system, funeral services and other social supports are unable to meet the country’s needs at this time.  

In response to numerous inquiries from parishioners and clergy, we are providing information for those who may wish to contribute to relief efforts to assist the people of India.

The Archdiocese of Toronto will send donations through Development and Peace to Caritas Internationalis, an international confederation of Catholic humanitarian organizations that is already in India helping those who are suffering during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Since the pandemic began, India’s Catholic Church, acting principally through Caritas India, has been supporting some of the most disadvantaged groups, such as those with inadequate housing, migrant labourers, persons with special needs and widows. Relief services and materials provided by the Church, or with its support, include:

  • Food at kitchens and distribution centres in slums, at migration transit points, etc.
  • Masks, sanitizers and hygiene kits to vulnerable communities
  • Psychosocial support and hotline services to traumatized and grieving people
  • Public education campaigns on infection prevention and vaccination
  • Supporting the public healthcare system, including donating expertise, facilities and equipment from Church-run clinics and hospitals

To learn more about Caritas’ work in India, please watch this video:

Those wishing to help may do so in the following ways:

  • Online through the Archdiocese of Toronto website:
  • By phone through the Development Office – 416-934-3411
  • Through the parish, making cheques payable to:

            Name of Parish – India’s COVID-19 Outbreak – Disaster Relief

(Parishes, please gather funds and send one parish cheque to the Development Office, made out to Archdiocese of Toronto – India’s COVID-19 Outbreak – Disaster Relief)

Please continue to pray for the people of India and all those who are suffering from COVID-19 worldwide. Thank you for your continued assistance.