Mass – In view of the requirements of the Government of Ontario, during this medical emergency, beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020, I instruct that all public Masses be cancelled, both during the week and on the weekend. Churches will be available for individual private prayer. 
Thomas Cardinal Collins 
Archbishop of Toronto


The blind man in the Gospel story sees through Jesus. We are like that man; we need Jesus in order to see. Our modern world has a particular form of Blindness. We have microscopes to see things very small and telescopes to see distant objects. But often we do not see what is closest to us. We live in strange times. We know more about celebrations than we do about next door neighbour or even those we call, “family” and “friends”. So many things distract us from what really matters. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta said: “ I think the world today is upside down. We have no time for each other, there is no time to enjoy each other.” This Sunday we ask Jesus to heal our blindness, particularly our failure to see those close to us. Help us to see our own children, our family members, our fellow parishioners. As the first reading today says, not just the outward appearances, but the heart. It is terrible to not see those close to us but there is an even worse form of blindness, the failure to see Jesus. The man born blind saw what others did not. He takes four steps in seeing Jesus. First, he sees Jesus as a fellow human then prophet then judge and finally Lord – the one true God. Let us ask Jesus for sight to see those near us – their hearts not just their appearance – and above all to see the reality of who Jesus is.


To all people of God, as per the Archdiocese of Toronto Directive, (posted on the web page) all weekday and weekend Masses have been cancelled. His eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins has granted dispensation from Sunday obligation for all residents of Toronto. However, the priests are allowed to offer private Masses for the intentions offered by the people. All the events that has schedules during this Lenten season remain cancelled until further notice. Stay safe. Please “Pray, Pray, Pray, unceasingly”. Be strong in your faith. Trust in Jesus and Mamma Mary. This will pass soon. As I offer my private Masses you are united with me in spirit. I pray for all your intentions. Please keep me in your prayers. May the Almighty God bless us all. For more info read the Cardinals letter on St. Dominic church blog. We will keep you updated.
Fr. Terry Pastor