Dear Parishioners of St. Dominic,
In order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus and so as to comply with the Government of Ontario’s new regulations requiring that all non-essential workplaces be closed, we are sorry to inform you that the church and the parish office must remain closed until further notice.
This is a deeply painful, but necessary, decision for our faith community.
However, we are still here for you during this difficult time. You can still leave a voicemail at the parish office: 905-278-7762. Or you can email us at: We will return your message as soon as possible. Visit for updated information from the Archdiocese of Toronto and for links to view the Daily Mass online. Our Parish website .
Please continue to pray for those sick and those caring for them. Be assured of our daily prayers for you.
Yours in Christ
 Fr. Terry Dias
Pastor of St. Dominic Parish, Mississauga


“Lazarus come out.” We are all Lazaruses. Jesus is calling us to come out of the darkness and come into His light. He is calling us to come out of the place of death and come into his life. In his second book on Jesus, Pope Benedict XV points our that the early Christians referred to themselves as “The Living.” That is what we are called to be, alive, in an otherwise dead world. Out of the tomb into His life we experience indescribable joy. We are one with Jesus. We are at peace. We no longer view others as threats to our happiness. No others become a road to happiness as we serve the presence of God within them. Out of the tomb, away from our sins, we see others as unique reflections of God, as people who can bring us to a deeper understanding of God’s love. So, we ask ourselves today, “Am I happy with myself? Am I comfortable with my life? Am I happy with my relationship with God?” Maybe, our relationship with others is pretty bad, and we tend to get nasty rather easily. We ask ourselves today, “Where have I found joy? When has it been in my life that I have been truly happy? This leads us to focus on the times that our union with Jesus was so intense, so strong, that all we wanted to do was just relax in His Love. We ask God today for the courage to walk away from that which is killing us and to walk towards the voice that is saying, “Leave this place of the dead and live in My Light, in My Love, in My Joy”.


To all people of God, as per the Archdiocese of Toronto Directive, (posted on the web page) all weekday and weekend Masses have been cancelled. His eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins has granted dispensation from Sunday obligation for all residents of Toronto. However, the priests are allowed to offer private Masses for the intentions offered by the people. All the events that has schedules during this Lenten season remain cancelled until further notice. Stay safe. Please “Pray, Pray, Pray, unceasingly”. Be strong in your faith. Trust in Jesus and Mamma Mary. This will pass soon. As I offer my private Masses you are united with me in spirit. I pray for all your intentions. Please keep me in your prayers. May the Almighty God bless us all. For more info read the Cardinals letter on St. Dominic church blog. We will keep you updated.
                                                                                                Fr. Terry