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Reflection from the desk of Fr. Terry

The transfiguration of Jesus is to confirm us in our faith that Jesus is truly God and truly Son of God. Second to make us reflect and to remember that if Christ was transfigured though God, we His followers should also strive to be transfigured, to be changed in the newness of our minds and hearts. Third, transfiguration is a preview of His resurrection and glory. The church reminds us that this glorious event has to be achieved through suffering and pain.

They went up to the mountain in order to pray. Prayer is the time to connect the gap between Him and us and to align our thinking with God. It is because there are times that we try to adjust God’s thinking to ours as when Peter tried to change Jesus’ mind about suffering and death but he was told: “Satan, get behind me.” We should not get ahead of God and show Him the way. Instead we have to follow Him. We can go to God and talk to Him not only about our own problems, the broken pieces of our lives, the sad thing and the things we are missing, but also the beautiful things we have received but took for granted, all the talents and abilities and the resources which are still unused. Prayer is not in the first place, asking for good things. It is a transfiguration on our part. We can reevaluate our commitment and find new vision in our lives.

Let us spend more time in prayer. Praying is not trying to get God on our side but making sure we are on God’s side and bring us closer to Him who lives within our heart.