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Reflection from the desk of Fr. Terry


Every year in the first Sunday of Lent we read the gospel story of Jesus being tempted by Satan. One of the purposes of that story can be to remind us to say 'NO' to Satan. The story was told in order for us to be reminded not to be surprised if Satan will tempt us also because Jesus was tempted. The temptation can only come from the devil. God will never tempt us, God can only test us. The difference between temptation and test is that when the devil tempts us, it is intended to make us bad. When God tests us, it is intended to make us better. When the devil tempts us, it is intended to  drive us away from the Lord. When God tests us, He actually invites us to cling to Him during that period or trial.
Lent is the best time and opportunity for us  to bring about change in life. a time to repent, renounce and renew for a better life.God does not give us an easy journey but only a safe arrival. It might be difficult but with God, all things are possible.