I would like to congratulate all those children who received Holy Communion for the first time last weekend. I am sure your families were very proud of you and celebrated at home later in the day!  It is my hope that you will come back and receive Jesus every Sunday with our community at St. Dominic Parish. I also hope that you enjoyed our First Communion party last Tuesday!

Happy Mother’s Day to our Mothers in the parish and Mothers where ever they may be! This is a prayer for you all!

Thank you, dear Lord, for our mothers
Who were brave enough to give birth
Who loved through many growing-up years
Who taught about God and love and being good
Who often got no thanks
Whose ears could hear the slightest cry
Whose eyes didn't miss much either
Whose hands held and bathed and picked up
Whose heart was often broken
Who always forgave and forgot
Who encouraged when things went bad
Who always had time to listen
Who worked so hard to make things go
Who make the world so much better
Who deserve our love on Mother's Day
And Every day
Even for eternity. Amen

I wish you all a good week!

Fr. Phil