Have you ever thought about the things that we all do every day? Like reading the newspaper, making your bed, eating breakfast, exercising, watching television etc. etc. Today, we hear the story of Simeon and Anna. And the Gospel tells us that they went to the temple every day, because both of them believed that one day, they would see the Messiah there. So, this is something that Simeon and Anna had done for a long time. And they were rewarded for their Faith and their perseverance, by the fact that they got to see Jesus on the day that He is presented to God in the temple. God fulfills His  promise to Simeon and Anna. All those days, all those trips, all that time they spent at the temple they get to see the Messiah that will save them and us. It must have been quite a day. Simeon even says, “Lord, now I can go in peace, my eyes have seen the salvation.”
This Feast  day and this story has got to make all of us think, how much is God a part of our lives every single day? We don’t all have to come to the temple every day, like Simeon and Anna did. And yet shouldn’t there be some acknowledgement of God everyday in our lives. God wants us in communion with Him all the time. What if Simeon and Anna decided NOT to go to the temple that day when Mary and Joseph brought the child Jesus in the temple? They would have missed out! Are we missing out on a lot of great things, all because we are not there for God? Sometimes we really do need to show up. Sometimes our presence can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes our prayer life and our relationship with God can’t wait and can’t be put on the back burner. Sometimes God wants us right now! We have got to make God more and more a part of our daily lives, or else we can miss out on so much! Don’t let that happen. Let God fulfill his promises to you every day.