In today’s gospel a group of Sadducees approach Jesus and asks Him a question about the resurrection or afterlife. The Sadducees mainly composed of aristocrats and most of them are wealthy and do not believe in the resurrection of the dead and even in angels and spirits. They want to ridicule the preaching of Jesus about life after death. Absolutely very tough question! I am sure each one of us believes in the resurrection. That everybody will be resurrected at the end of our lives on this earth that is why we attend the Mass. If there is no hope for resurrection, there is no need for us to do good towards our neighbor, to love and to serve them. If there is no hope for resurrection, there is no need for us to sacrifice and offer our lives for the sake of other people. There is no need for us to pray to go to Mass on Sundays to work for peace and justice, to join in all religious activities of our Church, to receive Sacraments and many more. Jesus draws a sharp distinction between “this age” (our earthly life) and “that age” (life at the resurrection or life after death). He makes it clear that the resurrection is not simply a continuation of earthly life. When we are resurrected, we have still body but a glorified body different from that of our earthly body. The resurrection is a different mode of existence altogether. Those worthy of the resurrection do not have to marry to ensure the continuity of human race. That is why Jesus says: The children of this age marry and remarry, but those who are deemed worthy to attain to the coming age and to the resurrection of the dead neither marry nor given to marriage. They can no longer die for they are like angels.
So if we believe in the after life or in the resurrection of the dead, then our main goal in this life should be to make sure to have a citizenship in heaven to become citizens rather then aliens or foreigners in the kingdom of God.