The two men who went to the temple to pray, The Pharisee really praises himself because according to him he is the good person of all. Whereas the tax collector, did not even dare “to raise his eyes on heaven. All he does is to beat his breast and says: “O God be merciful to me, a sinner.” But he returns home with him the prize of acceptance of God because of his awareness of his sins and self-despising and confession. The Pharisee meets all what is demanded by the law and even more. But the Gospel says nothing about his kindness, charity, justice and love. In other words, what we need is humble prayer or humble service and this is what matters. Which one of the two should we follow: the pharisee or the tax collector? We can still follow what the pharisee has done. He follows the law of God faithfully. He makes the Lord’s Day holy. He teaches us how to fast and to sacrifice. But he lacked humility. Humility is a very difficult virtue, the moment you start to claim that you have humility, you are admitting that you are proud and that’s the end of everything. We can also follow the tax collector, but not his deeds. He is abusive. He did follow the law of God because he steals and does extortion. But we can follow his humility. A person who knows how to be humble is ready to accept constructive criticism and he will not hide wrongdoings, just like the tax collector and willing to change for the better. Nothing proves humility better than humiliation.