“When the priest or Eucharistic minister holds up the sacred host and says to you: “The body of Christ “, try to realize, in a special way, what you receive, that this sacred Host is the living body of Jesus.


Reflection from the desk of Fr. Terry

Today we celebrate and dramatize the beginning of Holy Week called the triumphant Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem, popularly known as the Palm Sunday. The Holy week invites us to reflect on the question Where do you stand in the story of the passion of the Christ? Which character are you in this Story? We all choose our sides in Jesus' Story, not just cheering like spectators at the football or a concert, not just by imagining ourselves in some virtual world of a novel, film or computer game. No, we choose our side in Jesus's Story by the choices we make in real life. Jesus' Passion is painted in our passions: vengefulness, envy, indifference, fear, compassion, love. These passions are ours, and how we respond, what we do, the habits of life we get into, say who we are and make us what we say, they either tell part of the Great Story Ever Told - the story of the word made Flesh, of love made man, of Flesh tortured and love refused, of Flesh transfigured and Love renewed.