Open air Thanksgiving Mass October 6, 2019, a week before thanksgiving weekend, we are planning St. Dominic’s parish community Thanksgiving Mass. More information will be updated in the course of time.


I would like to thank Pat, Ellen. Richard, Rose, Mike, Gloria, Theresa, Edmond, Helen, Fatima, David, and Amber - the Dream Team, for putting on the bazaar last weekend. The bazaar was very successful and many people came out to buy our goods. There were many other people who helped at the booths and I thank them as well. We realized $6,459 which will help with running the parish.  The tea room proved quite a hit this year and I thank all those who managed it. The children’s play area was successful as well and I thank those who helped the children make their crafts and I thank Colin who played the pirate all day. The students from St. Paul’s high school were very helpful this year and I extend thanks to them as well. The farmers market sold out very quickly and I thank all the volunteers at this booth. Fr. Phil’s dinners to go was a hit this year too and I thank all those who helped at this booth too. A big thank-you to all who made this event a success.

Sacred Scripture
What is God's intention for our state in life, whether married or single? Jesus deals with the issue of divorce by taking his hearers back to the beginning of creation and to God's plan for the human race. In Genesis 2:23-24 we see God's intention and ideal that two people who marry should become so indissolubly one that they are one flesh. That ideal is found in the unbreakable union of Adam and Eve. They were created for each other and for no one else. They are the pattern and symbol for all who were to come. Jesus explains that Moses permitted divorce as a concession in view of a lost ideal.

Jesus sets the high ideal of the married state before those who are willing to accept his commands. Jesus, likewise sets the high ideal for those who freely renounce marriage for the sake of the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 19:11-12). Both marriage and celibacy are calls from God to live a consecrated life, that is to live as married couples or as singles who belong not to themselves but to God. Our lives are not our own, but they belong to God. He gives the grace and power to those who seek to follow his way of holiness in their state of life. Do you seek the Lord and his grace in your state of life?

Do you seek to help others draw near to the Lord? The parents who brought their children to Jesus wanted Jesus to lay his hands upon them. They knew of the healing power, both physical and spiritual, which came from Jesus' touch.  Jesus, in turn, rebuked his disciples for hindering the children from coming. No doubt the disciples wanted to shield Jesus from the nuisance of noisy children. But Jesus delighted in the children and demonstrated that God's love has ample room for everyone.

No one is unimportant to God. He comes to each person individually that he might touch them with his healing love and power. May we never hinder our youth from coming to the Lord to receive his blessing and healing power. And as we grow with age, may we never lose that child-like simplicity and humility which draws us into Christ's loving presence. Do you show kindness to the youth you encounter in your neighborhood, home, and church and do you pray for them that they may grow in the knowledge and wisdom of Jesus Christ?

"Lord Jesus Christ, your call to holiness extends to all in every state of life. Sanctify our lives - as married couples and as singles - that we may live as men and women who are consecrated to you. Make us leaven in a society that disdains life-long marriage fidelity, chastity, and living single for the Lord". Servants of the word)
Let us thank God this weekend for all that we have
And all that we are on this Thanksgiving weekend.

I wish you all a good week.

Fr. Phil