Lenten journey approaches its closure as we enter Jerusalem. Today Jerusalem finds herself confronted with a very controversial man. There is something about Jesus that creates this confusion in the city. He makes people take sides, and even change sides; from praise to insults, from "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord," to "Crucify him!" There is something about Jesus that makes people confront their own deepest selves.

This week we could ask ourselves some penetrating questions for meditation: How does it feel to be a disciple of Jesus in Jerusalem; to walk side by side with Jesus as he is proclaimed liberator? How does it feel as they are laying palms on the ground in front of you because you are with him? How do we feel being a confidant of Jesus at the Last Supper? And here's the big one: To identify with and profess as master, a man arrested, mocked, beaten, and put to death?

There is no right or wrong answer. A feeling of confidence does not mean one is spiritually healthy. Remember Peter's confidence, only to deny Jesus that same night. Sometimes confidence means we haven't taken the issue seriously. Being ambivalent doesn't necessarily mean being in a bad spiritual space. It could signify the grace of confronting the cost of discipleship. We may find that our responses to these questions change daily. But we should stay with it.

Meditation: Stay with Jesus now. Keep this provocative man near to your heart, and give him the space to speak to you about the cost of discipleship.

Additional Mass and Stations of the Cross every Friday evening during Lent beginning at 7 pm. 

                                 EASTER SCHEDULE 2018

Palm Sunday – March 24th/25th       
Blessing and distribution of Palms at all Masses
Masses - Sat. 5pm, Sun. 9:30 and 11:30
Holy Thursday – March 29th
Commemoration of the Lord’s Supper and Washing of the Feet.
Mass at 7:30 pm and church open for adoration at midnight.
Good Friday – March 30th – Please Note – NO 8 am Mass on this day
Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
Service at 1pm - geared to children – Easter Story film, Adoration of the Cross, Holy Communion
Service at 3pm – Liturgy of the Word, Adoration of the Cross, Holy Communion
Stations of the Cross at 7:30 pm – with our Folk choir - music by TaizĂ©
Holy Saturday – March 31st  - Please Note – NO 9:15 am or 5:00 pm Mass on this day
Blessing of the Easter foods - 10:30 am
Easter Vigil altar server rehearsal - 11:00 am 
RCIA Easter Vigil rehearsal- 12 noon
Easter Vigil Mass – 8 pm
Easter Sunday – April 1st
Mass 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 1:30 pm
Easter Monday – April 2nd
Mass at 8 am.         Office Closed

Confirmation Registration:
March 26th:  7:30 in the hall. Please bring a baptismal certificate copy with you.

April 9th:   7 PM Confirmation Students downstairs for classes.  Parents upstairs in the church for a speaker. Regular parishioners are invited to this talk also.

Fr. Phil