Fourth Sunday of Lent

Jesus said that he came 'to open the eyes of the blind'. He wasn't talking about the physically blind only, but all those who had lost their way in life and who could no longer find their way to the Father's house. Thus he opened the eyes of Zacchaeus to the danger of riches. He opened the eyes of Mary Magdalene to the wretchedness of her life. He opened the eyes of the dying thief to the light of God's mercy. All of these found their way into the Kingdom of God, while the Pharisees stumbled along in the dark.

Without faith we are in deep night and do not know where we are going. Faith helps us to see in the dark. The one who guides us unerringly along the dark paths of life is Christ. We put our total trust in him who said: 'Those who follow me will never walk in darkness but will always have the light of life'. Those who have been enlightened by Christ can never again see themselves and their lives in the same light as before. Everything is lit up with an inner radiance.

In a sense we are all born blind. As we go through life our eyes are gradually opened to the vision of truth. We need not be afraid to own our many forms of blindness. Christ will touch our eyes with his gentle hands and gradually open them until we are able to see as he sees. We are not alone. We are members of a community on which Christ has shed his light. We must support one another. We are also called to act as guides to others who have not yet seen the light of Christ.

Friday during Lent – Additional Mass at 7 pm followed by Stations of the Cross

Lenten Day of Confessions – Tuesday March 13th. 
•        10:30 am–12 noon,
•        2 pm – 4 pm &
•        After the 7 pm Mass until 9 pm. 

Monday March 26 – 7:30 pm in the parish hall. Please remember your child’s Baptismal certificate and the program fee of $50.00. Thank-you.


Palm Sunday – March 25th 2018
Blessing and distribution of Palms at all Masses
Masses - Sat. 5pm, Sun. 9:30 and 11:30

Holy Thursday – March 29th
Commemoration of the Lord’s Supper and Washing of the Feet
Mass at 7:30 pm

Good Friday – March 30th – Please Note – No 8 am Mass on this day
Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
Service at 1pm - geared to children – Easter Story film, Adoration of the Cross, Holy Communion
Service at 3pm – Liturgy of the Word, Adoration of the Cross, Holy Communion
Stations of the Cross at 7 pm

Holy Saturday – March 31 – Please Note – No 9:15 am or 5:00 pm Mass on this day
Blessing of the Easter foods - 10:30 am
Easter Vigil altar server rehearsal - 11:00 am 
RCIA Easter Vigil rehearsal- 12 noon
Easter Vigil Mass – 8 pm

Easter Sunday – April 1st
Mass 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 1:30 pm
Easter Monday – April 2nd
Mass at 8 am.                           Church Office Closed.
I hope you are continuing to experience a prayerful Lenten Season

Fr. Phil