Twenty - Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus tells a simple story in today’s Gospel of two imperfect sons to illustrate the way of God's kingdom. The father amply provided for his sons food, lodging, and everything they needed. Everything the father had belonged to them as well. The father also rewarded his sons with excellent work in his own vineyard.  He expected them to show him gratitude, loyalty, and honor by doing their fair share of the daily work. The "rebellious" son told his father to his face that he would not work for him. But afterwards he changed his mind and did what his father commanded him. The "good" son said he would work for his father, but didn't follow through. He sought his own pleasure, contrary to his father's will. Now who was really the good son?  Both sons disobeyed their father - but one repented and then did what the father told him. Jesus makes his point clear - Good intentions are not enough.  And promises don't count unless they are performed. God wants to change our hearts so that we will show by our speech and by our actions that we respect his will and do it. God offers each one of us the greatest treasure possible - indestructible peace, joy, and friendship with him in his everlasting kingdom but we can lose that treasure if we refuse His grace.


As I mentioned last week, there will be a Thanksgiving Dinner, in conjunction with The Compass food bank, in our hall on Sunday October 8 from 5pm – 7pm.

Many people told me last week that they did not know about The Compass so I decided to explain a little of who they are and what we are doing on Thanksgiving weekend. The motto of The Compass Food Bank is: “Together we provide help for today and hope for tomorrow”. Recognizing the urgent need of our neighbours experiencing economic and social challenges, ten Christian churches in the Lorne Park / Clarkson area formed The Compass in 2002 to address this serious and growing concern within our South Mississauga community.
The Compass offers:
  •         The Compass market – a food market where qualifying customers can shop for no-cost food
  •  A listening ear, assistance in problems, referrals to other sources of support.
  •  Language and computer training
  • Social assistance inquiries
  • Spiritual and emotional support
  • Community events, meals, fellowship

The Compass is unique in our community in two important ways: We are an outreach established by partnering Christian churches in the Clarkson-Lorne Park-Port Credit and Mississauga area and The Compass is also unique in our community in being a food bank as well as a support centre. Understanding the importance of a food bank for those in need, we are also actively committed to providing support through other community services while offering a friendly, drop-in, with a non-threatening atmosphere. Here is the current list of partner churches:
Cawthra Park United Church. Chartwell Baptist Church, Christ Church United Church, Church of St. Bride’s Anglican Clarkson, Church of St. Mark Lutheran, Clarkson Road Presbyterian Church, ClearView Christian Reformed Church, First United Church Port Credit. Lorne Park Baptist Church, Park Royal Bible Church, Sheridan United Church, St Andrew’s Memorial Presbyterian Church, St. Christopher’s Catholic Church, St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, St. Stephen’s-on-the-Hill United Church, Trinity-St. Paul Anglican Church Port Credit, West Edge Community Church and St. Dominic’s Catholic Church.
I hope this gives you more of an insight as to what is happening here on  Thanksgiving Weekend. Many thanks to those who have given your name for turkey/food donations and to volunteer your time to help and wait on tables. I am expecting about 250 people and your help will be invaluable on the day.

Thanks again and I wish you all a good week!

Fr. Phil