5th Sunday in OT

I have been meaning to write a few words about our parish skating night on January 14th. I would like to thank all those families who came out to skate and enjoy the party in the hall afterward. About 200 people skated on the ice and came back to the hall. This is probably the best attended skating evening in a long while. Many thanks to the Knights of Columbus for providing the food and drinks for the evening. Thanks also to Sean Bator for putting together a great selection of music for the party. I hope all of you who attended had a great time. Many families expressed a desire to do this again soon and I am trying to arrange that now.

MARRIAGE COURSE – For those needing to take the marriage course, please refer to:
Catholic Family Services of Toronto where you can get the contact details to arrange your marriage course.
CONFIRMATION 2017 – Registration for Confirmation - all grade 7 students is  Monday March 27th at 7:30 pm in the hall.

Pope Francis on the theme of Salt and Light:
Pope Francis spoke of Jesus telling his disciples “you are the salt of the earth”, “you are the light of the world”.

Christians, he said, must be salt and light, but never self-serving: salt must add flavor and light must illuminate the other.

The Pope continued his homily with the question: “what must a Christian do in order for the salt not to run out, so that the oil to light the lamp does not come to an end?”
The “battery” a Christian uses to generate light, the Pope explained, is simply prayer. 

“There are many things one can do, many works of charity, many great things for the Church – a Catholic University, a college, a hospital – you may even be rewarded as a benefactor of the Church with a monument, but if you do not pray, it will be dark and dimly lit” he said.

Prayer, the Pope said, is what lights up Christian life, and he highlighted the fact that prayer is a “serious” matter: “a prayer of adoration to God the Father, a prayer of praise to the Holy Trinity, a prayer of thanksgiving, a prayer to request to God… prayer must come from the heart”.   

As regards the salt that Christians are called to be: it becomes salt when it is given to others.

This, Pope Francis explained, is another Christian attitude: “to give of oneself, to give flavor to the lives of others, to give flavor to many things with the message of the Gospel”. Salt is something to be used, not to keep for oneself – Francis elaborated - but to give to others. “It’s curious – he continued - both salt and light are for others, not for oneself: salt does not give flavor to itself; light does not illuminate itself”. Of course, he noted, you may be wondering how long salt and light can last without running out if we continue to give of ourselves relentlessly. “That’s where the power of God comes in, the Pope explained, because the Christian is salt given to us by God during Baptism, it’s a gift that never ends”.

I wish you all a good week.

Fr. Phil