Welcome back to all our parishioners who have been away. I hope all of you enjoyed the beautiful weather this Summer.  It has been a very different and trying Summer for me. This new illness crept up on me very quickly and I did not see it coming. Since there have been many rumors about what happened to me and the real cause of my illness and absence from work, I decided that you should hear it from me directly. Suddenly, during the 8 AM Mass on Monday morning, June 22, I could not stand, speak or function and began to sweat profusely and shake uncontrollably, at the same time.  Because my hemoglobin level was at 57, and, after many tests at Trillium, it was determined that I had been bleeding internally for months and, since it was so slow, did not notice it. A reason has never been found but the doctors suggested that it could have been too many blood thinners. It was also determined that my gall bladder had become infected and the infection spread to my liver and kidneys. It took several weeks on an antibiotic drip/pump to clear it up. A drainage tube was inserted into my gall bladder on July 4th and remains there as I write this note. By the time you see this letter I will have had my surgery on September 9th at Oakville/Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.  My surgeon is going to try to remove my gall bladder by laparoscopic surgery, if possible. If not, it will be the old fashion way of cutting. I am hoping and praying that it can be the former way since recuperation after laparoscopic surgery is about 2 weeks but it is 2 months if the other method is necessary. The drainage tube should be out as well and hopefully, I will be back to work by the end of the month pending the method/success of the operation. Please continue to pray for me.
I want to thank all of you who have been able to contribute to the Family of Faith Campaign. As of today, September 4th, we are at 250,000.00 dollars!! This is wonderful. There are still a couple of weeks to go and then we will have Commitment Sunday when all of us are asked to pledge something, if we haven’t already. I am confident that we will reach our goal of 495,000.00 dollars and realize some funds back into the parish. Thank-you to all those who have been volunteering and running the campaign in my absence. The campaign could not have happened without you. The most important priority for us is the formation of a new youth group. I will be hiring a youth director as soon as the funds become available.
You will have noticed that the outside upper floor of the rectory is being waterproofed and repaired on the Atwater side of the building. Once this is completed and the funds become available, we will begin fixing the inside wall of my room which is on the verge of caving in due to water damage. You will have also noticed that the dead ash trees have been removed. I would like to thank THOR TREE REMOVAL for their fast and efficient work. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. The total cost of the tree removal was 10,000.00 dollars. We also realized 60 dollars from the fire wood that was left from the downed trees.
School has begun once again and I hope that our students, teachers, principals and vice-principals experienced a great first week. We wish all those in our schools a wonderful and fruitful year of learning. I will be getting together with our principals and vice-principals for a meeting regarding school Masses and the various celebrations that take place between our parish and our schools as soon as I am recovered from my latest surgery.
Please remember that our Harvest Bazaar will be held on October 3rd. We are still in need of new or gently used items for Grandma’s Attic which can be left at the office. The bakers and helpers sheets are at all of the entrances of the church again this Sunday. Please sign up if you are able to help and/or bake. Many hands will make light work.

 Thank-you to Andy and Michael Krampelj and parents for tending our gardens and making them beautiful all summer!!!
 Saturday morning Mass at 9:15 will resume in October after I am back to work full time.

Confirmation for those in GRADE 8 ONLY will begin with registration on October 5th at 7 PM. Please make sure that at least one parent attends this meeting to register your child. Registration is one day only. Reminders will be in the bulletin and in the September school newsletter.

Thank-you for all your prayers, cards, food deliveries and good wishes during this time! I appreciate it all.

Fr. Phil