Celebration of Confirmation

The Feast of Pentecost is an important one in the life of the whole Church. It is the celebration of the Holy Spirit coming to rest on the apostles, just as Jesus promised, before He ascended back into heaven and return to His Father. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us the power, desire, wisdom, understanding and courage to preach, teach and spread the Good News by the things we say and by the things we do. This weekend, we are celebrating all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit being conferred upon so many young people in our parish. From now on, they will be full members of the Body of Christ as Confirmation completes their Sacraments of Initiation.

I invite each one of you to become involved in the life of the parish. We need readers, ministers of welcome, ministers of the Eucharist, members on committees and so many more volunteers. Please prayerfully consider helping us out in some way around the church. As the parish community of St. Dominic, we congratulate you on this important day in your lives. We thank your parents and your sponsors for their guidance throughout this period of preparation too! I would like to thank in a special way our Confirmation Coordinator, Melinda Mayo and all of her helpers and teachers who made this preparation possible. Your work here at St. Dominic is much appreciated and valued.

As you know, next year we will begin confirming people in Grade 7. Therefore, we will have 2 sessions, one in the fall and one in the winter. Grade 8 classes will happen in the fall and grade 7 classes will be done in the winter. Given that fact, we will require even more volunteers/teachers. As members of the parish, please consider coming forward to help prepare our young people for this very special sacrament.

Once again, congrats to all our Confirmandi!!

Fr. Phil