Today’s Gospel story happens just after the famous journey of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, when the Disciples failed to recognize Jesus as He walked along with them. In today’s story, they have returned to Jerusalem to tell the others what happened on the road and their recognition of Jesus at the breaking of the bread. St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) reflects on the dimness of their perception: "They were so disturbed when they saw him hanging on the cross that they forgot his teaching, and He said it more than once, that he would suffer and die but He would rise again on the third day. They did not look for his resurrection, and failed to keep his promises in mind" (Sermon 235.1).

"Their eyes were obstructed, that they should not recognize him until the breaking of the bread. And thus, in accordance with the state of their minds, which was still ignorant of the truth (that the Christ would die and rise again), their eyes were similarly hindered. It was not that the truth himself was misleading them, but rather that they were themselves unable to perceive the truth." (From The Harmony of the Gospels, 3.25.72).

How often do we fail to recognize the Lord when he speaks to our hearts and opens his mind to us? The Risen Lord is ever ready to speak his word to us and to give us understanding of his ways. One important question that we can all ask ourselves is: Do we listen attentively to the Word of God and allow his word to change and transform us?
Let us pray: Lord Jesus Christ, open the eyes of our hearts to recognize your presence with us and to understand the truth of your saving word. Nourish us with your life-giving word and with the bread of life.

Let us continue to pray for all our candidates for First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Their special days are quickly approaching!

Celebration of First Holy Communion
Saturday, May 2 at the 5:00 pm Mass
Sunday, May 3 at the 9:30 and 11:30 Masses

Celebration of ConfirmationPentecost weekend
Saturday, May 23 at the 5:00 pm Mass
Sunday, May 24 at the 9:30 am and 11:30 am Masses

I wish you all a good week

Fr. Phil