I would like to thank our Social Committee and all their helpers for staging a wonderful Family Pasta Dinner . The food, the music, the prizes and decorations were all first class! The  total funds raised after expenses is $5011.00. Many thanks to you, the parishioners, and all our helpers, for your support of this and all events. Your support and attendance at parish events makes all the preparation work worthwhile.

Parish events like this one are not just about the funds raised but more importantly, about community building.  A true parish community is both spiritual and social. The sharing of our Faith and our lives with a meal is true fellowship. It is what Jesus did many times in his own life. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from those who attended and next year’s event promises to be even better. No event in the parish is really successful unless you, the parishioners, support it. My thanks to all those who were able to attend. Our current Social Committee has retired now that the pasta dinner is over. I am looking for a new crew to take over the planning, preparation and implementation of parish events like this one. Please let me know if you are interested. I will be calling a meeting shortly for anyone interested in joining the social committee.

Meditation for the 2nd Sunday in Lent

Listen to him.
It is wonderful to begin this week acknowledging that we need God's help in listening and hearing. It is so powerful to ask for the "gift of integrity" - to express our desire for wholeness. And, we humbly ask for light in the midst of whatever might "shadow our vision."
This is the God who allows Jesus to be transfigured before his disciples, to prepare them for what they were about to face. This is our God, who can give each of us the change of heart we ask for.

Have a great week!

Fr. Phil