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Sacrament of Marriage

The community of St. Dominic’s parish is pleased you have chosen to celebrate your commitment in the Sacrament of Marriage. Marriage in the Roman Catholic Church is a celebration of faith of the Church shared by practicing believers. It is important that Roman Catholics seeking to be married be actively living their faith, attending Mass regularly and receiving the sacraments. Marriages between Roman Catholics and others (baptized Christians of other denominations, unbaptized persons) are also permitted in the Church, provided that the Roman Catholic party continue the practice of their faith, and do all in their power to have the children of the marriage ba
ptized and raised in the Roman Catholic faith. According to the guidelines laid out by the Archdiocese of Toronto, couples intending to marry in the Church are required to complete three steps as part of their preparation for marriage:
  • · Call the Priest for an interview at least one year before marriage. At that interview you will be asked to review and comply
    with our Parish Guidelines for the Celebration of Marriage. Dates for marriage cannot be booked until after the couple has met with the priest.
  • · Complete a Marriage Preparation course. Depending on your particular circumstance (first marriage for each, Re-marriage for one or both, Common Law history) the priest will indicate which course would be of most benefit for you. Our own parish marriage preparation course is offered once a year in January over two separate weekends.
  • · Complete a second interview wi
    th the priest, at which time proof of marriage preparation and proof of baptism (by providing a recent copy of your Catholic baptismal certificate) will be required. The priest will also help you to plan the details of your marriage celebration (marriage license, selection of readings, music selection and participation of friends and family members) during this interview.

:: Interfaith Marriages
In order for the marriage of the Catholic party to be valid, the ceremony must be witnessed by a priest or deacon. Interfaith marriages may be celebrated in the Church of the place of worship of the non-Catholic party, only with permission of the Archdiocese of Toronto. In such cases, all paper work and preparation for the marriage are to take place in the Catholic parish.