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Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism of an Infant or Child
We are delighted that you are seeking Baptism for your child and the community of St. Dominic’s parish wishes to share in the job of this celebration with you.

The Baptism of a child is a special opportunity for you as parents to reaffirm your own faith. Our belief is that Baptism for a child begins the initiation into the Church, and with the support and guidance of faithful parents, will be completed at Confirmation. This journey with your child can last many years, stretching into their teens, and they will need your active faith and participation in the Church community to serve as a role model for his/her faith development.

To help you be fully aware of the significance of this joyful sacrament, we ask the following preparatory steps of you:

· Contact our Pastor Fr. Phil Jones, to discuss and plan for the
Baptism of your child.

· Formally register with the Church of St. Dominic, if you are not already a

· Select godparents who are willing to assist you in the raising of your child in
the Roman Catholic faith. At least one parent and one godparent should be a Catholic and produce a copy of the Baptism certificate. 

· Attend a Baptism preparation session for parents and godparents regarding
the Church’s understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism.

· Carefully discern the promises you are making on behalf of your child. A date
for Baptism can only be set once parents have completed the proper
preparation and discernment.

· Although the Church does not charge a fee for the sacraments, a donation
will be graciously accepted.

Baptism of Adults

For adults wishing to be baptized into the Roman Catholic Church, St. Dominic’s parish offers the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). The process is quite different than the Baptism of a child and requires participation in a formation process. Adults who are interested in the initiation process should contact the Parish Catechist for more information. - See also RCIA Information