This bulletin will be the last one until September. However, I will publish a handout half way through the summer. The Mass intentions for daily Mass will be published on each bulletin board beginning on July 4th. Please note that morning Mass on July 4th will remain at 8 am. The office will be closed for the Canada Day holiday on July 4th. On Saturday, July 1st, at 9:15, there will be a Mass dedicated to Canada Day.

I would like to congratulate all of our graduates from Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School, St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School and St. Paul Catholic Secondary School. I would also like to recognize Mr. Annibale Larossi, Vice-Principal at St. Paul, who will be leaving us at the end of June. Everyone at St. Dominic parish wishes you and our Graduates best wishes and God’s blessings.

June is the time when people move, priests are transferred and school principals are given new assignments by the Board. That being said, I bid farewell to Mrs. Caroline Athaide, Principal of St. Dominic Catholic School. We at St. Dominic Parish have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Mrs. Athaide and the school and I am sad to see her go. Together with our parish, Mrs. Athaide has been instrumental in fostering a community that expresses the joy and hope of our catholic faith and visibly symbolizes a deep commitment to academic excellence, life-long learning and faith development. I wish her every blessing as she begins her new journey at St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School in September. Thank-you for the support you have always shown to me and our parish! I look forward to welcoming our new principal, Julie Tollis, in September.


Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School: Tuesday June 27th 10:00 am
St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School: Wednesday June 28th 10:00 am
St. Paul Catholic Secondary School: Thursday June 29th 10:00 am

 Everyone is invited to attend any or all of our closing/graduation Liturgies. Tuesday and Thursday evening Masses will remain at 7 pm as usual

Just before I go, I would like to thank all of you for all your dedication to our ministries and committees and your support and prayers for our parish.  I hope you will have a peaceful, healthy, restful and safe summer!

Oh yes and........

             HAPPY 150TH CANADA DAY!!

Fr. Phil