Third Sunday of Easter

When we read the Emmaus story what strikes us as amazing is not that the two disciples finally recognize Jesus, but that they fail to do so in the first place. Jesus told them over and over again what would happen to them and Him but they did not get it. We know the end of the story and wonder how the two disciples could fail to recognize such an obvious conclusion. Yet how often in our lives do we fail to recognize the presence of Christ?

Jesus wants to communicate with us and he speaks to us and is truly present in the Scriptures. More specifically, Jesus is present among us in all our celebrations, secular and liturgical but especially in the Eucharist. Jesus as Word and Eucharist is our food for our pilgrimage to our true home. In the breaking of bread he unites us together with each other, the Christian community, into his Body and also keeps his promise to be with us till the end of time.

The disappearance of the Risen Jesus at the moment of the breaking of the bread with the two disciples is a particularly important moment. He intended to live on in the world through his disciples and therefore he transformed them and he does the same to us in order that we be his messengers in the world of today.

Finally, “The Emmaus Journey” begins in blindness, gloom, disillusionment and despair. It ends with the warming of the disciples' hearts, the opening of their eyes, and their return to Jerusalem full of joy and new hope. Their encounter with the Risen Jesus had made them see the events in Jerusalem from a new perspective - God's. Instead of looking at Jesus' death as the end of their hopes, dreams and aspirations, they now understand it as the beginning of a new life in the Risen Christ. It begins with the shattering of an immature faith and ends with the disciples giving witness to the others with a mature faith. Their story now is a new one—a story filled with life and hope. And that story is our own story too!

Saturday May 13, 2017. Cocktails at 6 pm and dinner at 7 pm. Tickets are available in the vestibule after Mass and from the office during the week. I hope you come out and enjoy an evening of good food, lots of dancing and companionship with your fellow parishioners. Please get your tickets early so that we can plan food and drinks.

Wishing you all a great week.

Fr. Phil