Jesus said that he came 'to open the eyes of the blind'. He wasn't talking about the physically blind only, but all those who had lost their way in life and who could no longer find their way to the Father's house. Thus he opened the eyes of Zacchaeus to the danger of riches. He opened the eyes of Mary Magdalene to the wretchedness of her life. He opened the eyes of the dying thief to the light of God's mercy. All of these found their way into the Kingdom of God, while the Pharisees stumbled along in the dark.

Without faith we are in deep night and do not know where we are going. Faith helps us to see in the dark. The one who guides us unerringly along the dark paths of life is Christ. We put our total trust in him who said: 'Those who follow me will never walk in darkness but will always have the light of life'. Those who have been enlightened by Christ can never again see themselves and their lives in the same light as before. Everything is lit up with an inner radiance.

In a sense we are all born blind. As we go through life our eyes are gradually opened to the vision of truth. We need not be afraid to own our many forms of blindness. Christ will touch our eyes with his gentle hands and gradually open them until we are able to see as he sees. We are not alone. We are members of a community on which Christ has shed his light. We must support one another. We are also called to act as guides to others who have not yet seen the light of Christ.

Friday during Lent – Additional Mass at 7 pm followed by Stations of the Cross.

Lenten Day of Confessions – Tuesday March 28th. 
10:30 am–12 noon, 2 pm – 4 pm and after the 7 pm Mass until 9 pm. 

Monday March 27 – 7:30 pm in the parish hall. Please remember your child’s Baptismal certificate and the program fee of $50.00. Thank you.
Skating Party – Many thanks to all those who attended and those who prepared the hall and the food and provided music for the event. I hope you all had a great time!

I hope you are continuing to experience a prayerful Lenten Season.

Fr. Phil


Lenten Meditation  -  The Woman at the Well
In the story of the woman at the well, Jesus broke through the barriers of prejudice, hostility, and tradition to bring the good news of peace and reconciliation to Jews, Samaritans, and Gentiles alike. He demonstrated the universality of the gospel both in word and deed. No one is barred from the love of God and the good news of salvation. There is only one thing that can keep us from God and his redeeming love – our stubborn pride and wilful rebellion.

What is the point of Jesus’ exchange with the Samaritan woman about water?  The kind of water which Jesus spoke about was living, running, fresh, pure water. Fresh water from a cool running stream was always preferred to the still water one might find in a pool or reservoir. When the Israelites complained about lack of water in the wilderness, God instructed Moses to strike the rock and a stream of fresh living water gushed out (Exodus 17:6 ). Even though the Israelites did not trust God to care for them in the wilderness, God, nonetheless gave them abundant water and provision through the intercession of his servant Moses.

The image of "living water" is used throughout the scriptures as a symbol of God’s wisdom, a wisdom that imparts life and blessing to all who receive it. “The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life” (Proverbs 13:14).  "Living water" was also a symbol for the Jews in their thirst of the soul for God. The water which Jesus spoke of, symbolized the Holy Spirit and his work of recreating us in God’s image and sustaining in us the new life which comes from God. The life which the Holy Spirit produces in us makes us a "new creation" in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Confirmation Meeting and Registration
The Confirmation meeting and registration will take place on Monday March 27 at 7:30. Our gathering will focus on an overview of the Sacrament of Confirmation. We would like parents/guardians and students to attend. The donation we are asking for this year is $50.00 to cover the cost of the student resources, the retreat and the gown rental.  **Please note that we require a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate at registration**

Offertory Envelopes & Tax Receipt
If you have not picked up your offertory envelopes and/or tax Receipts for the year 2016, please do so at your earliest convenience.  If you have moved and not informed the office please let us know, so we can up-date the information in our system. 

Mass and Stations of the Cross during Lent
Every Friday evening at 7 pm

I wish you all continued blessings in Lent!
                                                                                       Fr. Phil     

Second Sunday of Lent

What is the significance of this mysterious appearance? Jesus went to the mountain knowing full well what awaited him in Jerusalem - his betrayal, rejection and crucifixion. Jesus very likely discussed this momentous decision to go to the cross with Moses and Elijah. God the Father also spoke with Jesus and gave his approval: This is my beloved Son; listen to him. The Father glorified his son because he obeyed. 

The Lord Jesus not only wants us to see his glory - he wants to share this glory with us. And Jesus shows us the way to the Father's glory: follow me - obey my words - take the path I have chosen for you and you will receive the blessings of my Father's kingdom - your name will be written in heaven.

Jesus succeeded in his mission because he went to Calvary so that heaven would be restored to us once again. He embraced the cross to obtain the crown of glory that awaits each one of us, if we will follow in his footsteps.  As we will hear in the EXULTET at the Easter Vigil, heaven is wedded to earth.

Luke's Gospel account tells us that while Jesus was transfigured, Peter, James, and John were asleep (Luke 9:32)! Upon awakening they discovered Jesus in glory along with Moses and Elijah. How much do we miss of God's glory and action because we are asleep spiritually?  There are many things which can keep our minds asleep to the things of God: Mental lethargy and the "unexamined life" can keep us from thinking things through and facing our doubts and questions. The life of ease can also hinder us from considering the challenging or disturbing demands of Christ.  Prejudice can make us blind to something new the Lord may have for us. Even sorrow can be a block until we can see past it to the glory of God. Are you spiritually awake? Peter, James, and John were privileged witnesses of the glory of Christ. We, too, as disciples of Christ are called to be witnesses of his glory.  The Lord wants to reveal his glory to us, his beloved disciples. Do I seek his presence with faith and reverence? ( 2016 Servants of the Word)

EVERY FRIDAY DURING LENT – There is, in addition to the 8am Mass, a 7pm Mass followed by the Stations of the Cross. All are invited to attend Mass and pray the stations during Lent.

Parish Skating Party
In aid of our parish SHARELIFE Campaign 2017 – March 18th
The skating party will be held at Carmen Corbasson Arena, across the street, on MARCH 18. Ice time from 7:15 – 8:15. Then you are invited back to the hall for food and refreshments. We are asking that each person contribute $5.00 for this SHARELIFE fundraiser. There will be a donation box as you enter the rink area. This includes skating and after party. We are making every effort to reach our goal of $60,000 this year. Many people have told me that $5.00/person is too little for this event. Therefore, if you wish to contribute more than $5.00/person, you are, of course, welcome to do so. I hope you can attend this fun-filled family event for SHARELIFE.

Wishing you all a great week!
                                                                                       Fr. Phil