Advent calls us as Christians to ponder again the mystery of our salvation, our hope that there is an answer to the riddle of earthy life with its passing joys, disappointments, sorrows, and frustrations, and its apparently dark end in the oblivion of death. Does life go anywhere? Does it have any meaning? Advent calls every one of us to stop in the struggle of life and to look up, to recall the answer to the questions of life. We are on a journey to our Father's house. The door has been opened to us by the Son of God, and the way marked out. Advent invites us to look back over the long centuries, during which the human race struggled on in shadows. Of course, there was always some light. It began with the promise of a Redeemer who would crush the head of the destroying Serpent, the Son of a woman at bitter enmity with evil. The experience of human beings during those thousands of years of waiting is not so different from the lives of those around us who live without the consolation of faith and hope. They can accomplish much, but to what purpose? They can struggle to live as well and as long as possible, but then they will sorrow as those who have no hope.
The Christian should look at and listen to this darkness and confusion. Human existence for the believer is always an advent, a waiting, a journey toward a destination, toward the light. Begin Advent by recalling the long darkness endured by the human race. Many are still in it. As believers, we have the faith to know that God came to us through no merit of our own, and that He comes to us still by His grace. He calls to us by His birth, His life, His terrible death, and His glorious Resurrection. Advent reminds us that He will come again. So many mysteries, so many questions, and so many answers. For the one with faith, Advent should be a time of mystery, discovery, new insights, blessings, many graces and a deeper joy as we celebrate this great season. 
Let us pray: O Lord, speak to my heart during this season of grace, as you spoke to your prophets and saints. Remind me again of the journey you call me to make and the work you would have me do. I am your servant, O Lord. Speak to me in this holy season and turn my eyes to watch for your coming
O Emmanuel, Jesus Christ,
Desire of every nation, Savior of all peoples, come and dwell among us.


December 14th - Archdiocesan Day of Confessions - 10:30 – 12noon, 2pm – 4pm, 7pm Reconciliation Service followed by individual Confession
December 17th – Christmas Concert in the Church – 7:30 pm – Christmas carols/songs, audience sing-a-long.  English, Polish, Italian and Filipino Christmas Carols and refreshments afterward downstairs. Tickets after Mass and from the office
ADULTS - $20.00, CHILDREN - $10.00. Come out and enjoy some Christmas music with fellow parishioners, family and friends.
 December 18th – Decorating Sunday –after 11:30 Mass -  Please come and help me decorate the church for Christmas.

 I hope you enjoy this beautiful time in the church year.
                                                                                                    Fr. Phil 


I wanted to share, again this weekend,  the resulst of our Ministry Fair so that you will see that we still need more people to volunteer on our committees and in our ministries, in particular, Ministers of the Word and Ministers of the Eucharist at weekend Masses and special occasion Masses.  I will list each one with the numbers of new volunteers. I have also done a very brief explanation of each ministry/committee.
Altar Guild: 4  (Washing the sacred vessels used at Mass. Each person usually does it once per month on Friday morning after Mass)
Baptism Ministry: 2 –( helping priest at Baptisms distributing certificates, preparing baptismal table beforehand)
Children’s Liturgy Program: 9 (Talking to children about the readings at the weekend Masses)
Church Cleaning Crew: 0 (Cleaning the church and pews once a year usually before Easter)
Collection Counters: 4  (Counting and documenting collections and banking them)
Confirmation: 4 (Helping to take the students through the journal for Confirmation)
Folk Choir 11:30 Mass: 0 (Singing at 11:30 Mass – rehearsal Wed. Evening 7:30)  
Funeral Ministry: 1 (Assisting priest at a funeral with incense, carrying holy water)
Hospitality Committee: 3  (Helping to prepare coffee and refreshments for parish events and, occasionally, a funeral)   Knights of Columbus: 0 (Meeting once per month organizing parish events)
Marriage Prep Course: 2 (2 weekends a year helping to facilitate at our prep course)
Ministers of the Eucharist: 0 (Distributing Holy Communion at weekend Masses)
Ministers of Welcome: 4  (Welcoming people when they come into church and doing collection at weekend Masses)  
Ministry to the Sick: 7 (Taking communion to the sick at home or in hospital)
Ministers of the Word: 4  (Reading the scriptures at weekend Masses) 
RCIA: 0 Helping our coordinator prepare those wishing to be Roman Catholic))
Resettlement Committee: 3 (Helping to resettle new families in Mississauga and helping to organize resettlement bazaar))    SATB Choir 9:30 Mass: 0 (Singing at 9:30 Mass on Sunday and rehearsal on Monday 7:30pm)
St. Vincent de Paul: 5 (Helping to work with our marginalized families in the community and also coordinating the Christmas Giving program)  
Social Justice Education Committee: 7
Wedding ministry: 6  (Helping at wedding rehearsals and the wedding Mass)

ADVENT WREATHPlease put your family name and phone number on the list in the vestibule if you wish to light a candle on the Advent Wreath during Advent
The Feast of Christ the King
Today is the final Sunday, the Feast of Christ the King, in the Liturgical Year C. Next Sunday we begin cycle A. The Feast of Christ the King was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925 as an antidote to secularism, a way of life which leaves God out of man's thinking and living and organizes his life as if God did not exist. The feast is intended to proclaim, in a striking and effective manner, Christ's royalty over individuals, families, society, governments, and nations.
Today's Mass establishes the titles for Christ's royalty over men: 1) Christ is God, the Creator of the universe and hence wields a supreme power over all things; "All things were created by Him"; 2) Christ is our Redeemer, He purchased us by His precious Blood, and made us His property and possession; 3) Christ is Head of the Church, "holding in all things the primacy"; 4) God bestowed upon Christ the nations of the world as His special possession and dominion.
Today's Mass also describes the qualities of Christ's kingdom. This kingdom is: 1) supreme, extending not only to all people but also to their princes and kings; 2) universal, extending to all nations and to all places; 3) eternal, for "The Lord shall sit a King forever"; 4) spiritual, Christ's "kingdom is not of this world".

Wishing you all a great week as we move in the season of Advent.
                                                                                                    Fr. Phil